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Good to know is that Online Slots are some of the easiest games as far as learning to play is concerned. The rules are simple, and anyone can get the hang of a slots game in a few minutes.

Here is a guide on how to play Slots. Your objective in a slots game is basically to get a jackpot, and other Zodiac Casino through bonuses earned while playing.

Certain combinations of symbols on your slots screen will bring you winnings. When the relevant symbols appear on a pay line you have activated, you will earn rewards accordingly.

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In video slots games, you can usually bet on at least five pay lines, but more rewards are possible here, because such games generally have bonuses and extra rewards like free spins for certain symbols, when they appear on a particular pay line or anywhere on the reels. When you do win, you can cash out your rewards, or keep playing with the money you have earned.

Slots Rules

There are no particular rules to be learnt in order to play Zodiac slots games. All you have to do is decide what pay lines you are betting on, decide how much you want to bet, place your wager, and collect your winnings when you are lucky.

Specific slots games will offer specialized instructions – just follow them to start playing.

There are several types of slots games – with varying numbers of reels (3 to 9), with different types of Zodiac Casino bonuses – such as multipliers and free spins, and with various kinds of rewards such as progressive jackpots.

Slots games also come in a variety of themes that are reinforced by symbols that create a particular game ambience, and with payout percentages that generally vary between 85% and 98%.

There are also different types of slots games based on the coin denominations that can be used.

These range from penny slots, cover various denominations and can go up to high amounts like $100 or $500 in video slots games.

You can choose from a wide variety of games online – Mega Moolah Summertime, Sea Captain and Loose Caboose, to name a few.

Casino Slots

Some of the better online casinos where you can find a good game of slots include Inetbet Casino, SlotoCash Casino and the popular microgaming powered Zodiac Casino site.

If you are just getting onto the online slots bandwagon, you should have a grasp of the terminology in slots. One common term is ‘multiplier’, which is a symbol that, as the name suggests, multiplies your winnings in a particular round. Sometimes, wild symbols act as multipliers.

Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpot is another phrase you will hear a lot with reference to slots games.

These jackpots are awarded randomly to any player who has wagered the maximum number of coins, and can amount to condsierable sums, particularly when they are linked to other jackpots.

Slot game payouts

RNG or Random Number Generator is a feature of slots games that ensures fair Zodiac Casino gaming for everyone. This computer chip selects numbers and symbols on a completely random basis, so the outcome of a game is based purely on luck.

Payout schedules will be displayed prominently – make sure you take a look at these to see what your winnings are likely to be with bets of particular amounts.

Loose or tight slots refer to the payouts offered. Loose slots will give you better payouts and higher chances of winning the jackpot at Zodiac Casino, and vice versa as far as tight slots are concerned.

Slot Wild and Scatter Symbols

A wild symbol is one that can substitute for other icons to form winning combinations. However, a wild symbol cannot stand in for a scatter symbol.

A scatter symbol will increase your winnings when it appears, and often activates bonus rounds and the free spins feature in a particular Zodiac game. A short win refers to a big jackpot that you get after spending only a small sum.

Strategy for Online Slot Games

You should know how to manage your money properly when you are playing slots online.

Study and understand the fundamental principles of good bankroll management and apply them while you are playing. Don’t bet more than you can comfortably afford to lose, and set aside a part of the money when you win, so that you have something to get you through a possible run of bad luck in the future.

Decide in advance how much you are going to spend in a particular online slots session, and stick to your budget.

When it comes to playing the game, always bet on all possible pay lines, to maximise your chances of winning. And if you are hoping to win the progressive jackpot, always bet the maximum number of coins.

It makes sense to play the game in a free practice mode at first, so that you can learn how to play without risking actual cash.

Play Online Slots Games

There are a lot of misconceptions and false beliefs about slot games, probably because these games are not conducive to strategic play. Let us look at some of these slots myths and understand why they do not hold water.People often say that one should stop playing when a jackpot is hit since it is unlikely to happen again.

But since online slots feature a random number generator, the odds of getting a jackpot always remain the same. Similarly, just because a mega Zodiac Casino jackpot has not happened for a while, there is no reason to believe that one is due soon.

There are various aspects that you should consider when you are choosing a casino to play online slots. First, look at the rewards offered, and the payout percentages of a particular casino.

Understand their loyalty program and the benefits you can gain from this. Compare all these aspects with reference to different casinos and you will easily find one that you will enjoy playing at, and find profitable as well. The casino in question should also have a good range of games, and should feature the ones you particularly like.

Consider the betting ranges offered as well. Remember, many casinos offer you a chance to play for free and try out their Zodiac games and other offerings, so do this before you make your final decision.